After MTV established 16 and Pregnant during 2009 audience cannot hold off to see the drama.

After MTV established 16 and Pregnant during 2009 audience cannot hold off to see the drama.

The program after 16-year-old expecting teens through heartbreaking conclusion like offering their particular children up for adoption, moving out of these family members property, and finishing school was initial of their sort and a questionable one at that.

Experts feared the tv series glorified teenager pregnancy and informed ladies had been going to get expecting assured they could be regarding Television program.

Regardless of the backlash, the show promoted five effective months plus a few teenage mother twist offs following adolescents like Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, who have being full-blown a-listers (and porn performers). But what took place with the less popular babes of 16 and Pregnant?

Certain babes has four children, some have had problems with legislation, and regrettably one tragically passed on. Keep reading observe in which they might be today.

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Kayla Jordan

Who they were: Kayla Jordan, a charm pageant contestant just who adored ponies and firing weapons, appeared on period 2. While she was a student in senior school she have pregnant by the woman boyfriend J.R. and he recommended to her regarding the tv series. Jordan is unwilling to getting into his home because she was influenced by her mothers and did not need give-up that traditions. Who does!

Exactly why They did not become a spin-off: Jordan took they Twitter to go over her rage that the woman month of 16 And Pregnant don’t bring a spin-off. She tweeted, «do you know what actually becomes me personally? Seeing all of these some other ‘teen moms’ make decent money and move on to do cool things but our season just adopted missed want it was actually little.» Ouch!

In which Will they be Now: In a special interview with RadarOnline in 2010 Jordan demonstrated how she no further felt like a teen and discussed some of their fight juggling class and an infant. Kayla and J.R split and she came across people brand-new named Zach Bedwell and got interested. They’d a son known as Bryce in 2015 although couples parted methods and she came across another people, Dakota Jones. The happy couple got partnered and she established in April 2018 that this woman is planning on infant number 3.

Lizzie Waller

Exactly who They Were: Lizzie Waller ended up being a Virginia teen in month 2 and had gotten pregnant by the lady boyfriend Skylar Sickles. She is inspired to achieve the girl music ambitions but got an unrealistic look at just what maternity meant for the woman as a teenager. She believe anything was going to become great and even neglected Sickles cheating on show.

Exactly why They failed to Have a Spin Off: Fans couldn’t think this lady decision to forgive the lady date after he cheated on her behalf along with her pal and blasted this lady for this. Waller stayed of social media marketing excepting a personal Twitter profile and practically disappeared through the public eye following the program broadcast.

Where Are They Now: Waller and Sickles’ crisis proceeded until they in the course of time divorced a couple of years after marriage. Fortunate for Waller she came across Dave Mortensen that three girls and boys of his or her own in addition to couples are interested. It absolutely was final stated that she was actually seeking a career as a dental assistant, completing night tuition and obtained a brand new hobby—skydiving! Although she probably was required to render the woman latest craft some slack because she was actually wanting infant number two with Mortenson in Summer 2018.

Jamie McKay

Just who They Were: Jamie McKay had been a 17 year-old senior from new york and was the star on Season 3. She got an honor beginner and on college student council but got pregnant by the lady boyfriend Ryan McElrath. Sadly McElrath is a mess right away and would frequently fight together with her mom about his attitude. McElrath would overlook McKay and she couldn’t get a hold of your whenever she gone into work. He eventually arrived hungover five several hours after with the medical facility. Whenever she gone back to college she actually realized he was basically cheat on her behalf for several period. McKay didn’t have a father developing up-and desired to hold trying but stop the connection and chose to allow the courts determine their particular custody contract.

The reason why They don’t see a Spin Off: Mckay and McElrath had a nasty guardianship fight with accusations of driving while intoxicated and cocaine misuse. Within 2 ones these people were additionally arrested 4 times last year. MTV circulated a particular webisode catching up utilizing the women from season 3 where these people were capable talking candidly about birth prevention in addition to their existence and McKay uncovered that she went back to school fulltime.

Where Will they be today: Despite the guardianship fight McKay got in as well as McElrath. In 2012 McKay uploaded an image of an ultrasound claiming that she experienced a miscarriage, but after accepted that she had an abortion. The happy couple got an additional son or daughter in 2015 then split up for good soon after. McKay discovered appreciation once again and begun online dating a guy for quite some time known as David. The happy couple have interested and gave beginning to their earliest kid in Summer 2018.

Valerie Fairman

Just who they certainly were: Valerie Fairman got probably the most anticipated periods of the period after a trailer premiered of the lady screaming at the woman baby’s pops Matt Pryce. Pryce don’t believe Neveah ended up being his despite them «having gender, MUCH» and she was required to become a DNA examination to show it. Fairman was a beautiful female along with her mood and behavior towards her mothers had been reported since period proceeded.

Why They did not become a Spin Off: Fairman’s moms and dads wanted she have never accomplished the show and she got arrested for presumably assaulting the girl mommy soon after it finished filming. She ended up being bullied on the internet on her behalf every action additionally the popularity ended up being a lot to handle.

In which Will they be Now: regrettably for Fairman therefore the 16 and Pregnant community the lady lives concluded in catastrophe. She ended up being arrested for prostitution in 2015 which produced nationwide statements, and struggled with drug dependency. She was a student in and from rehab for 5 decades before she overdosed inside her friend’s bathroom. Their girl Neveah today resides together with her grandma and brings the girl mom ashes in a locket.

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